Welcome to the

Norwesters Rifle & Pistol Club


Norwesters’ shoots are usually quite informal but to add interest, the Club organizes a number of competitions throughout the year.

1. The Service Rifle Competition

The Service Rifle Cup is awarded annually to the scorer of the highest combined score from 10 rounds fired at 100 yards and 10 rounds fired at 300 yards with unsupported service rifles using iron sights.  Shooters must therefore attend the respective 100 and 300 yard shoots, perhaps months apart, in order to participate and record their scores. Those wishing to take part should inform the competition secretary at the beginning of the year. Full details of the course of fire are available upon entry. The Service Rifle Cup is awarded to the winner at the Christmas competition at the end of the year.


2. The McQueen

The McQueen is a fun and very challenging competition that is run informally at 300, 200 or 100 yards, subject to range availability. It can be shot with any type of rifle but the best scores are usually attained with a scoped, tactical rifle supported on a bipod or sandbag.  Club members take turns to serve as markers in the butts. The winner is the shooter with the highest scores. Winners of the McQueen are recognized with a prize (typically a bottle or an NRA medal) at the Christmas competition.


3. The Paul Williams Memorial prize for black powder pistol

Details of this competition will be announced shortly


4. Christmas Competition 2016

The Christmas Competition will take place at the Melville range on Sunday, December 18th 2016. As usual, it will be open to members ONLY who should each bring a prize (e.g. a bottle of wine or spirits) for the prize table and a contribution of £5 towards the cost of ammunition. The competition makes use of the club’s .45 ACP Enfield action rifle as well as .357 Marlin underlevers.  Details will be announced closer to the event.